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Sean Hart Photography stems from the collective creativity of Sean and Heather Hart.
We have been happily married for 30 years and are firm believers in love and romance, and nothing thrills us more than being able to capture that magic on film.
We have 3 adult sons, who are still a strong focus of our lives, and have provided us with a range of unique photographic moments.
As a father, Sean has always been the man with the camera on all those memorable family moments, and from there the passion grew. The interaction between people for portraits, weddings and other special occasions are what he strives to preserve in print.
Heather also loves photography and assists Sean in all his assignments either as an additional shooter, assistant or just a friendly smile with a hot cup of tea.
Our number one priority is that our clients feel at ease and have fun, as that is when we take our best photos.
Another aspect of our business is Sports photography. We will always be willing to go to any sporting event to capture a memory of you and your children on any particular day.
It is always a privilege and a pleasure to be involved in the lives of you and your family, while making a record of those times for you to keep forever.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your photography desires, and hope to give you a Hart felt memory for your family to treasure for generations.

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